We are New Revolutionary Leaders given the privilege of helping develop

New Revolutionary Leaders.

We are experts in our work, experienced in the marketplace, & energized to serve you.

small lettered blocks spelling out mission and vision

We believe in our vision and mission statements:

Vision Statement

  • That New Revolutionary Business Leaders would unite and usher in a new era of prosperity for all.
  • That they would find and implement better solutions for education, social systems, and good stewardship of our planet.

Mission Statement

To access and develop Revolutionary Leaders who will inspire Purpose, Productivity and Profits in their companies.

We believe in the statement that, "Together, we can make a difference.”

Michael Barati

Founder/CEO Genesis Coaching Group, Inc.
V.P. Lynx Communications, LLC.

Michael is metaphorically a player/coach. He believes that to train others in leadership, you must be in a leadership role and face the same issues other leaders have on a day to day basis. As V.P. of Lynx Communications, he is fully in the market place with all of its challenges. Lynx is a leader in implementing 5G.

What Michael Brings to the Table

Excellence in training and communicating complex ideas and solutions to other leaders (skill)

Founded 3 companies (knows leadership from the ground up )

Experienced business success and sieges with dignity (is a solid person)

Has provided consulting to over 500 businesses throughout his career (vast market place experience)

Is a family man, married 48 years and works with both of his adult children (values relationships)

Is intelligent with moments of wisdom (understands people)

Is a Revolutionary Leader

Michael has earned the following degrees, certifications and licenses:

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics and Psychology
CFP – Certified Financial Planner
CLU – Charted Life Underwriter
Securities Licenses 7,24, and 65
Life Insurance License

Michael has founded three companies in the Wealth Management, Business Consulting, and Coaching/Training industries.

Michele Barati Toumanian

Vice President Genesis Coaching Group, Inc.
Founder of Highview Counseling

Michele is the other half of the Father/Daughter Speaking Team. Michael and Michele collaborate to provide the best speaking messages for you. Each brings a unique and necessary perspective including male/female, multi-generational and broad and different expertise and life experience.

How Michele Benefits You

Michele benefits each client in multiple ways including:

A deep understanding of customer dynamics

How to be set free from barriers to Greatness

How to use counseling methodology to motivate others

How to harness the full power of your Mind and Heart to inspire others

How to do life in your Modified Natural Design Zone

Michele is an expert in motivation. She has a deep understanding of how the human condition impacts personal life and business. She is very practical and solutions oriented. Michele is very effective in helping people make positive changes to their lives.

She has earned the following degrees, certifications and licenses:

Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling
Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
Licensed Pastoral Counselor
Certified Temperament Counselor

Michele hopes to complete her PHD in Clinical Counseling shortly. She looks forward to using her expertise to serve you.