for Business Leaders

Be set free from excessive stress.

Business leaders can experience stress so severe it can actually reach trauma levels, developing into Business-Based PTSD.

We counsel and coach business leaders to overcome Business-Based PTSD.

Stress Kills

Stress is arguably the number 1 cause of damage to our lives. It can kill a business, murder relationships and cause enormous harm to our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
We take it seriously.

Sources of Stress

sexual harrassment - business woman being harrassed by male colleague Many leaders are facing the perfect storm - three or more sources of stress at the same time.

  • Major corporate financial loss
  • Law suits
  • Accidental death of employees
  • Hostile takeovers
  • Abusive regulators
  • Sexual / emotional harassment
  • Employee betrayal, wrongful whistle-blowing and general sabotage
  • Major relational conflict with other leaders
  • New physical disabilities
  • Uncertainty of the future

Symptoms & Responses to Stress

Two very angry business men threatening each other at a business meetingOur stress can be manifested in many ways. Do you see changes in yourself or your leadership team that demonstrates the inability to deal with excessive stress?

  • Fear
  • aggressive behavior and anger
  • Withdrawal or checking out
  • Substance abuse
  • Relational conflict
  • Poor business decisions
  • Bad attitudes, negativity
  • More business problems taken home and vice versa
  • Trash talk
  • Increased emotional and physical health issues
  • Severe polarization of ideology

Be Set Free from “Suck-It-Up” Syndrome

The biggest obstacle leaders have to overcoming excessive stress or business-based PTSD is themselves. They would correctly say that leadership and stress are synonymous - it goes with the job. But there is a limit to how much can be sucked up. A good leader should be able to assess when they have crossed the line, to decide that enough is enough and say, "I need help to be set free from excessive stress." The truth is that more and more leaders are approaching their stress limit or are in the danger zone. Please decide to take action.