Counseling Services for Business Leaders

Satisfied female business woman who has been released from the bonds of excessive stress

What Makes Us Experts?

  • We are leaders in the market place, just like you. We understand you and can relate to you.
  • We have experienced perfect storms in our business and have reached business-based PTSD levels of stress.
  • We have been set free from the Suck-It-Up Syndrome.
  • We have been set free from excessive stress and know how to be sustained under siege.
  • We have developed a proven methodology to win at stress management.
  • We have, collectively, 23 years of counseling and coaching experience.
  • Michele has a Master of Arts degree in clinical counseling and is currently working on the complete of her PhD. Her thesis is Business-Based PTSD.
  • We have been using our proven methodology for over ten years.

Rise to Your Top

Be a Winner!

Our ultimate goal is to help you become a winner. Our steps to get you there include:
  • Discovery and assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Be Set Free counseling
  • Assessment
  • Rise to Your Top Coaching
Michele and Michael work as your counselor and coach, respectively.
Act now and design your journey to become a New Revolutionary Leader!


Our counseling and coaching services are provided by telephone, including face time if desired.

We can also conduct sessions at your place of business if we are counseling or coaching multiple people in your organization.

Each session is approximately one hour.

Our session times are flexible. We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. We recommend a fast start, with two sessions per week, moving to one session.

Business man participating in private phone consultation with Genesis Group counselor


The first session with Michael or Michele is complimentary.

You can start with one session and convert to multiple sessions at any time.

Travel expenses are additional.

Individual Session

$200 per Session

6-Session Package

$175 per Session

12-Session Package

$150 per Session