The New Revolutionary Leader is the hope of the world.

Business leaders must lead us into a better future, starting with over-the-top businesses.

Our messages integrate motivation and training with innovative ideas on how to improve Purpose, Productivity and Profits

Our Winning Messages

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The New Revolutionary Leader Unmasked

This message is designed to motivate your leadership team to find and appoint a revolutionary leader to the helm. They are the only leadership type that can take you to the top. They are the rarest of leaders and don't fit the stereotype leader. For example, they are more like a plow horse than a show horse.

The message will include the top 12 irrefutable qualities of a Revolutionary Leader. We will reveal where you'll find this leader. Plan to be shocked!

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Master the Art of Sustainable Motivation
Turbo Boost Innovation & Productivity

To Rise to Your Top, your team must be in a continuous state of high motivation. This message will disclose a strategic plan to develop sustainable motivation. It is strongly based on reason rather than emotion. We will also educate your leaders to use 4 major industrial motivational techniques, plus validation languages and inspiration pathways to promote Purpose and Productivity. Your leaders will become professionals at motivation!

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Solve Your People Problems
Unlock the Wisdom of Natural Design

Leaders need to be equipped with more tools to solve the mounting people problems in business. These problems are murdering Purpose, Productivity and Profits. This message will present two powerful solutions: (1) Unlock the wisdom of Natural Design and (2) Really get the right person in the right function in your company.

Your leadership team will be armed with innovative solutions to solving your people problems to increase profits.

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Unleash the Power of Passion & Purpose
It’s the Energy to Transport Your Business

Here’s the deal. Without Purpose, you can not reach the Top. Without Purpose, your team will not reach a level of necessary excellence. Without a powerful sense of Purpose in your leaders, they will not instill Purpose in the team. This message is in the form of a challenge for your leaders to appropriate a clear, concise and authentic state of Purpose. This includes having a Passion for the company, its products, customers and employees.

When your leaders are brimming with Purpose, it will naturally overflow to the team. And your company will see an increase in Profits.

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Roman Numeral 5
Roman Numeral 5
Hone Social Intelligence
& Affirming Beliefs
The Glue to keep your Team United

Social Intelligence is the ability to function successfully in interpersonal situations. It is poor, and even antagonistic relationships, that are beating up the bottom line in companies. Beliefs are one of the most powerful things that drive behaviors, decisions, attitudes, peace and productivity. This message is to inspire your leaders to become intentional about developing profitable relationships, and to develop and communicate affirming beliefs to the team and customers.

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Roman Numeral 6
Roman Numeral 6
The Key to the New
Revolutionary Leader’s Success
Extreme Healthy Lifestyle Living

It is no secret that to lead an organization to the top, the leaders must be at the top of their game. This message will reveal what we call our Healthy Lifestyle Living Practices. A New Revolutionary Leader must utilize these practices to be most effective. The goal of these practices is to increase creativity and intelligence, enjoy a better memory, maximize energy including intellectual, relational, physical and emotional energy, improve balance and control and develop even more disciplines. Some of the practices are extreme and cutting edge!

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Roman Numeral 7
Roman Numeral 7
The 4th Industrial Revolution
Is It Hype, a Cover-Up, or Increased Prosperity for All?

The goal of this message is to motivate your Revolutionary Leaders to start thinking outside the box. Why? Maybe the 4th Industrial Revolution will eliminate boxes and boundaries on a global basis. The presentation will frame the macro scope of the Revolution and suggest its impact on business and our personal lives.

We will motivate your leadership team to become visionaries, prepared to be winners in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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As the prime measurement of success for a company, Profits should be seen as a beautiful thing and absolutely necessary.

Every member of the team must realize that they have a powerful impact on Profits (positive or negative), and must be committed to improving the profitability of the company.

Our definition of Profits includes both financial and People Benefits. We envision a win-win-win proposition whereby the company, every team member and the customers win. The following are the Profits and Benefits that we inspire your company to realize:

  • Increased financial rewards for the company and each team member
  • Higher pleasure from achieving the vision and mission of the company
  • More satisfied customers or clients
  • Greater fulfillment in work and enjoyment of the work environment by every team member
  • Improved quality of life outside of work for team members

We are all about helping you Rise to Your Top and increase Profits.

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People are in one way or another behind all improvements
in productivity.

Therefore, People Productivity is key to profitability. People Productivity will be improved by:

  • Improving innovation and creative thinking
  • Making better decisions
  • Getting the right person in the right function
  • Sharpening skills across the board, especially leadership and sales
  • Having an inspiring vision with complete buy-in
  • Deploying affirming beliefs about the company, products/services, customers and every member on the team
  • Having a state of Peace in the company
  • Maximizing intellectual, physical and relational energy
  • Honing Social Intelligence

We work hard to inspire People Productivity in your company. This is where the rubber meets the road!


Purpose is the reason for which your company was created.

It is about what your company can do better than anyone else in the world. It includes passions, vision, mission and your impact on the world.

Purpose is foundational to maximizing Productivity and Profits. Many companies fail in knowing and appropriating their Purpose in every fiber of the business, resulting in mediocrity.

We will inspire Purpose in your company.

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