Our services support our mission to turn people problems into business success by inspiring Purpose, Productivity and Profits.

We help you Rise to Your Top by unlocking
the full potential of your people.

Motivational Speaking

speaker in front of crowd of listeners in auditoriumThe goals of our Motivational Speaking include:

  • Engage your team to understand that they are both the problem and the solution to your business success.

  • Challenge your team to make the decision to embrace improvement and Rise to Their Tops.

  • Sell the benefits of business success that positively affect each team member, the company, customers and the community at large.

Our speaking messages are customized to your team.


Business leader speaking to other leaders in conference roomThe goals of our training include:

  • Equip your team with practical tools to build a successful business
  • Improve the performance, productivity and creativity of your team with an enthusiastic and infectious buy-in to the company's mission and culture.
  • Ensure each team member owns and deploys the Genesis Solution to turn people problems into business success.

Our training is customized to your team.

Business Consulting

The Goals of our Consulting include:

  • Developing a business plan that addresses turning people problems into business success by identifying your unique people problems, preparing a specific solution, implementing the solution, and managing and measuring the results of the process;
  • Working with your team to get the right person in the right function, including helping those that do not fit to move on in a good way;
  • Assisting marketing, sales, and customer service to obtain and maintain profitable customers.

Our consulting services are customized to your team.

Counseling & Coaching

Business leader coaching an employeeThe goals of our counseling services are to set your team members free from barriers to success, including:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Business-based PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Prejudices and other debilitating issues

The goals of our coaching services are to improve performance through

  • internal career coaching for your team members who want to be on a fast track;
  • sales, leadership and customer service coaching;
  • implementing coaching for the Genesis Solution, which includes a deeper understanding and application of natural design, honing social intelligence, developing affirming beliefs, and critical and creative thinking.

Our counseling and coaching services are customized to your team.

Formats and Fees

All formats for our services are customized to each client.

Motivation Speaking, Training and Business Consulting


Motivational speaking services are presented on-site, while other services can be conducted via telephone or on-site if desired.



Genesis offers fee structures set on an hourly or by-project basis customized to each client's needs. We can also offer a retainer and performance format.

Generally, our fees are based on an hourly rate between $150 and $200 per hour. For example, if we provide a motivational speaking message, we will look at the total time and expenses and quote a firm fee for you. Time will be calculated at a $150 - $200 per hour rate, while expenses will be actual.

Business man participating in private phone consultation with Genesis Group counselor

Counseling and Coaching


Our counseling and coaching services are generally provided by telephone, though we can also conduct sessions at your place of business if we are counseling or coaching multiple people in your organization. Each session lasts approximately one hour. Appointment times can be flexible in order to best accommodate your busy schedule.

We recommend a fast start, with two sessions per week, moving to one session per week.


The first session with Michael or Michele is complimentary.

You can start with one session and convert to multiple sessions at any time.

Travel expenses are additional.

Individual Session

$200 per Session

6-Session Package

$175 per Session

12-Session Package

$150 per Session

Our Beliefs About Profits, People Productivity and Purpose


As the prime measurement of success for a company, Profits should be seen as a beautiful thing and absolutely necessary.

Every member of the team must realize that they have a powerful impact on Profits (positive or negative), and must be committed to improving the profitability of the company.

Our definition of Profits includes both financial and People Benefits. We envision a win-win-win proposition whereby the company, every team member and the customers win. The following are the Profits and Benefits that we inspire your company to realize:

  • Increased financial rewards for the company and each team member
  • Higher pleasure from achieving the vision and mission of the company
  • More satisfied customers or clients
  • Greater fulfillment in work and enjoyment of the work environment by every team member
  • Improved quality of life outside of work for team members

We are all about helping you Rise to Your Top and increase Profits.

black and white compass with dollar signs at intervals rather than directions, and north is represented with larger red dollar sign
black and white clock with red second hand


People are in one way or another behind all improvements
in productivity.

Therefore, People Productivity is key to profitability. People Productivity will be improved by:

  • Improving innovation and creative thinking
  • Making better decisions
  • Getting the right person in the right function
  • Sharpening skills across the board, especially leadership and sales
  • Having an inspiring vision with complete buy-in
  • Deploying affirming beliefs about the company, products/services, customers and every member on the team
  • Having a state of Peace in the company
  • Maximizing intellectual, physical and relational energy
  • Honing Social Intelligence

We work hard to inspire People Productivity in your company. This is where the rubber meets the road!


Purpose is the reason for which your company was created.

It is about what your company can do better than anyone else in the world. It includes passions, vision, mission and your impact on the world.

Purpose is foundational to maximizing Productivity and Profits. Many companies fail in knowing and appropriating their Purpose in every fiber of the business, resulting in mediocrity.

We will inspire Purpose in your company.

black and white target with red dart in the center